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You believe in the power of photos - for them to bring tears to your eyes and lumps to you throat and the words, "Awe babe! Look at how precious we are!" to your lips. I want you to feel every single photo from every single moment of your wedding. Photos have so much power, and that's power I want you to have - to relive the utter euphoria of your day; to see yourself blissful and beautiful, imperfect yet resplendent. I am here for all those who, like me, grew up believing you weren't beautiful because you were told otherwise. I am here to remind you that there is SO MUCH BEAUTY in yourself. Though looks certainly aren't everything, there is so much power when you FEEL GOOD about yourself, and what you think about your own beauty matters. You believe in the power of photos - and the power of love. And I want to photograph that power.

a bit about me

My formative years were spent in Alabama, roaming barefoot through suburbia, finding my way into woods and water. It was colorful and idyllic. Eventually I moved on to asphalt jungles such as Baltimore, Copenhagen, Paris, Denver, and Austin where I studied photography at the Austin School of Photography.

Photography is more than just capturing a moment – it’s about creating a world. In college, I studied Creative Writing at Auburn University, even winning awards for poetry while there. Creating worlds has always been a fascination of mine, which plays a large role in my style of photography. My intent is to create a world through photos so beautiful, you can’t feel anything but infinite inside it. I know only too well how depleted one feels after seeing yourself in photos – hating every expression on your face, every roll of your belly, every little way you look. I want to help you rid yourself of that mindset. What I hope you gain from our time together is compassion for yourself and an understanding that perfection is for the boring – being flawed is for the unique. You are gorgeously flawed – and that’s wonderful. In my bones I know that capturing your most beautiful and human experiences and turning them into art is what I want to be doing for the rest of my days, or as long as I am arthritis-free.

I am an LGTBQ friendly vendor based in Birmingham. I practice tolerance and compassion for all people from all walks of life. I welcome Northerners, Southerners; the colorful and the colorless; bibliophiles, beatniks, bigwigs, and the befuddled; and always the wondrously weird. So come at me all you weirdos! Lemme photograph the crap outta you!


My People

behind the lens

After my obligatory 90s boy band phase most 80s children experienced, I fell deeply in love with 80s music – and my love never wavered. It's definitely my favorite music to dance to! Here are my top three favorite 80s songs (I play that shit on repeat)! 


The Promise - When in Rome

Heart of Glass - Blondie

Major Tom - Peter Schilling

(can you tell I like to dance?)

Heather did an absolutely amazing job of capturing our wedding! She got the perfect shots and gave us exactly what we were wanting. I would highly recommend her! She was so fun to work with and timely on communication and getting our photos back!

Bailey & Ethan

This woman KNOWS what she's doing! We were both really nervous about having our photos done, but Heather guided us through them so effortlessly and in a way that made us both come away thinking "Wow, that was amazing!" Our photos were GORGEOUS and Heather was so kickass! I honestly can't wait to get married and know without a doubt who our wedding photographer will be!

Heather was absolutely amazing! We feel so honored to of had her as our wedding photographer. Her energy is infectious and she is great at what she does! AND she was so kind for giving us extra time. We did not expect that at all! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything Heather!

Lilian & Zach

Ashley & Nick

the experience


I am extremely passionate about what I do. I don't want to just be another task you check off your to-do list. I want to not only celebrate everything you and your boo, but also help you see how gorgeously wonderful you and your love is. That means I'll always, always, always be available to talk details, to hear your frustrations, to reassure you and be unfailingly honest with you. My brides and grooms are my people, and I take care of my people. Ready to be my person? Let's pick your collection!

Still unsure of which collection works best for you? I offer hourly rates that may fit your needs better. Let's get you customized!


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a special kind of engagement

It is SO important to me to get a sense of what type of couple you are before your beautiful day! I want to know you! And honestly? These two engagement sessions represent the two most dominate traits of myself - my goofy, silly, laugh till you pee self; and my romantic, idyllic, wistful and whimsical self who's always dreaming about my next great love affair. These sessions have very different feels, but I believe both convey one very universal fact - that love is love is love is love. It can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and dimensions, all of which are unique and important! I believe your love is important, and documenting that love in a way that best fits you is profoundly transcendent to me. 

choose your own adventure


choose your own novella


What is your favorite activity to do with your boo out on the town? Whether it's breweries and pizza, biking or rollerblading, walking your pup (or better yet, kitty) or just exploring the town, this hour-long session is all about doing what you love with who you love, just in front of a camera. Dress in whatever way makes you feel comfortable (I will never say no to converses and a baseball T) and be prepared to goof off together! Sounds like your cup of tea? Head on over to my contact and let the fun commence!

Oh and beer and pizza are on me!


Do you, like me, imagine yourself as Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, watching as Mr. Darcy gallantly trudges across a glowing field towards you? Or like in Shakespeare in Love? Or Brokeback Mountain? Or About Time? Or Amelie? Honestly there are just too many good romantic movies to name. This session is designed to let your secret (or not so secret) romantic out. You get to choose the dreamy location (up to 3 hours away from Birmingham), and I'll help y'all with attire to create an overall sensually glamorous feel. Contact me to setup your very own novella!

the paige

For those who want more - $2550

This is my most booked collection! It's perfect for those who want the getting ready photos, the emotional first look, your lovely ceremony, family + wedding party portraits, all the outrageous dancing at your reception, and the big exit of course. It includes:

  • 8 hours of photography coverage

  • 2 photographers

  • A "choose your own adventure" session

  • Timeline assistance

  • Personal online gallery

  • Full printing rights

  • Travel within the US included

the ashley

For those who want it all - $3550

Want me to capture every touching moment throughout your day? From getting ready with your crew, to well after "I do," this collection includes:

  • 10 hours of photography coverage

  • 2 photographers

  • A "choose your own novella" session

  • Timeline assistance

  • Personal online gallery

  • Full printing rights

  • Travel within the US included


the grace

For the intimate weddings - $1250

This collection is great for those who only need coverage for your intimate (40 guests or less) ceremony, portraits, and part of your reception. This collection includes:

  • 4 hours of photography coverage

  • 1 photographer

  • Personalized online gallery

  • Full printing rights

  • Travel within Alabama included

the tracy

For the essentials - $1750

This is my next most booked collection! It's perfect for those who only want the simple details pre-wedding, photos of the ceremony, the portraits, and the reception! This collection includes:

  • 6 hours of photography coverage

  • 1 photographer

  • Personalized online gallery

  • Full printing rights

  • Travel within Alabama included



By answering these questions, you'll be helping me help YOU, which is the most important part in this whole experience! So let's get started!